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PEEP2 Success Stories

Under the Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific - Phase 2 (PEEP2) Project, IIEC implemented 34 EE projects following ADB procurement guidelines.. Read more...

NAMA in Mongolia

IIEC completed a project to provide advisory services on Climate Finance in Mongolia. Read more...

Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA)

An initiative of IIEC, supported by Euroheat & Power, the Danish Board of District Heating, ADB, and UN Environment.Read more...


San Diego Gas & Electric’s Commercial Lighting Retrofit program is one of the most unique and successful programs of its kind in the country. Not only is an unusual sales commission arrangement used to stimulate participation in the program, but the program has exceeded its targets for savings for each of the three years that it has been implemented. Analysts at SDG&E believe this success has been a direct result of the sales commissions paid. Lighting representatives are provided a base salary and then are eligible for a two-tiered commission based on their success. Furthermore, dissatisfied customers cost these reps money, as they have to repay twice the value of their commission on the job as a penalty.

In terms of program expenditures, the Commercial Lighting Retrofit program is SDG&E’s largest program. In 1992 SDG&E spent approximately 1/3 of its total electric DSM budget on the program. As a result the program captured 44% of all electric DSM energy savings and 33% of all electric DSM capacity savings for the utility for the year.

The program also is unique in terms of the measures for which incentives are available. SDG&E offers commercial customers cash incentives for two, four, and eight foot fluorescent fixtures (which include lamps, ballasts, and optical reflectors) but the program has also convinced many customers to change out all of their interior lighting equipment for more efficient measures at the same time. SDG&E tries to sell the customer on retrofitting the entire lighting system by providing lighting recommendations and economic calculations for all lighting systems, regardless of type. Thus SDG&E tries to avoid having to perform a second retrofit. In a sense, the program incentives for select lighting efficiency measures leverage more comprehensive lighting energy savings, effectively foreclosing the lost opportunity of the retrofits’ potentials. SDG&E will pay incentives for other "custom" measures which are determined to be cost effective and which are based on proven customer savings.

SDG&E conducts a custom bidding process for each job using a pool of precertified contractors who actually perform the retrofits. Through this fixed-price bidding process, SDG&E estimates that lighting retrofit costs are reduced by about 30% for each job. If customers elect to use their own contractors, the job must be initially surveyed by a SDG&E lighting representative, and then the job must meet performance standards before a rebate check is written. Typically the rebate pays for 50% of the total retrofit cost. Because of the different building sizes participating in the program, incentive payments have ranged from $3,000 to $500,000. With the SDG&E incentive, customer payback averages about one year for program measures.



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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to accelerate the promotion of sustainable energy and environmental programs in developing countries and countries in transition.  Our unique values are strived to provide sustainable solutions with proven technical capabilities, implement with wealth of practical and international experience in Asia and Pacific regions. Read more...

Our Niche & Strengths

Our Niche & Strengths

IIEC works on-the-ground, through multi-disciplined staff and partners, with governments and the private sector to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects.  Read more...

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Specific services provided by IIEC to its clients include: DSM/EE Implementation & Evaluation; Development & Implementation of EE Standards and Labeling Programs; Renewable Energy Project Planning & Implementation; Clean Energy Finance Design; and Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings  Read more...

Our Major Clients

Our Major Clients

IIEC’s major clients include the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) etc.  Read more...

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IIEC operates through its offices in India, Thailand and Philippines.  Read more...

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Our Team

IIEC has full time local staff in each of its offices that are well placed to contribute to programs due to their extensive exposure to energy, transport and environmental activities in the region and their understanding of cultural issues relevant to the countries.  Read more...

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Board of Directors

IIEC’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, who are dedicated to providing strategic guidance to the organization as it advances its goal to promote sustainable and efficient energy use in developing nations and economies in transition.  Read more...


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