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PEEP2 Success Stories

Under the Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific - Phase 2 (PEEP2) Project, IIEC implemented 34 EE projects following ADB procurement guidelines.. Read more...

NAMA in Mongolia

IIEC completed a project to provide advisory services on Climate Finance in Mongolia. Read more...

Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA)

An initiative of IIEC, supported by Euroheat & Power, the Danish Board of District Heating, ADB, and UN Environment.Read more...

pdf   47. Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Alaska Craftsman Home Program (res'l-new constr), Profile #47 (residential-new construction)
107. Alberta Power, Jasper Energy Efficiency Project (community-based DSM), Profile #107  (community-based DSM)
18. Bonneville Power Administration, Energy $avings Plan (industrial)
37. Bonneville Power Administration, Energy Smart Design (commercial)
12. Bonneville Power Administration, Hood River Conservation Project (residential-community based)
30. Bonneville Power Administration, Manufactured Housing Acquisition Program (residential)
7. Bonneville Power Administration, Super Good Cents (residential-new construction)
85. Bonneville Power Administration, WaterWise (agricultural irrigation)
116. Boston Edison, Large C/I Program (large commercial/industrial)
23. Boston Edison, Residential Efficient Lighting Program (residential)
31. Boston Edison, Small Commercial and Industrial Program (small commercial/industrial)
38. British Columbia Hydro, Power Smart High-Efficiency Motors Program
10. British Columbia Hydro, Power Smart Refrigerator Buy-Back Pilot (residential)
88. British Columbia Hydro, Process Improvements Program (industrial)
58. Buckeye Power, Residential Load Control
98. Burlington Electric Department, Comprehensive DSM (mid-sized municipal utility)
39. Burlington Electric Department, Heat Exchange (institutional-fuel conversion)
3. Burlington Electric Department, Smartlight (residential)
9. California Energy Coalition, Energy Cooperatives (commercial/industrial)
64. California Energy Commission, Energy Partnership Program (municipal-building retrofits)
19. Central Maine Power, Operation Lightswitch (residential)
60. Central Maine Power, Pilot Efficiency Buy-Back Program (industrial)
115. City of Ashland, Comprehensive Conservation Programs (community-based DSM)
95. City of Austin Energy Services Division, Comprehensive DSM (large municipal utility)
11. City of Austin, Texas, Energy Star Rating (residential)
94. City of Austin, Texas, Gas Technologies Program (residential/commercial)
121. City of Austin,TX, Green Builder (residential-new construction)
87. City of Palo Alto, Point of Purchase Pilot CFL Program (residential lighting)
118. City of Phoenix, Energy Management/Capital Reinvestment Plan (institutional)
8. Consolidated Edison, Enlightened Energy (commercial)
80. Copenhagen, Denmark, Comprehensive Municipal Energy Efficiency (residential/commercial/industrial)
102. Cornwall, Ontario , Energy Efficiency Team (comprehensive municipal DSM)
51. Duct Testing and Repair Programs (residential/commercial)
123. Duquesne Light Company, Smart Comfort (low-income residential)
72. EcoGroup, In Concert With The Environment (school curricula program)
119. Electricite de France, Operation: LBC (residential/commercial)
90. Energy Rated Homes of America, Uniform Energy Rating System
26. Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, R-2000 (residential-new construction)
35. Environmental Protection Agency, Green Lights (commercial)
82. Environmental Resource Center, Destination Conservation (institutional-school retrofit/educational)
100. EUA Cogenex, U.S. Department of Energy's Forrestal Building Retrofit (institutional)
54. Florida Power Corporation, Residential Load Management (residential)
70. Green Mountain Power, Equipment Replacement and Remodelling (commercial/industrial)
48. Green Mountain Power, Small Commercial & Industrial Retrofit Program (small commercial/industrial)
77. Hannover, Germany, Comprehensive Municipal Energy Efficiency (residential/commercial)
73. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Energy Bank Program (institutional)
76. Leicester, England, Comprehensive Municipal Energy Efficiency (residential/commercial/industrial/agricultural)
93. Madison Gas and Electric, Residential Lighting Program (residential)
43. Midwest Resources, Rock Valley Energy Efficiency Research Project (residential/commercial/community based)
97. Minneapolis Center for Energy and Environment, Multi-family retrofits (natural gas savings)
125. Montgomery County Maryland, Resource Conservation Program (institutional)
112. Nebraska Energy Office, Dollar and Energy Savings Loan Program (residential)
92. New England Electric System, Design 2000 (commercial/industrial)
36. New England Electric System, Residential Electric Space Heat (residential)
1. New England Electrical System, Small C/I Program (small commerical/industrial)
17. New York Power Authority, High Efficiency Lighting Program (municipal/commercial)
122. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., Subscriptive Service (large commercial/industrial)
69. Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Commercial/Industrial Lighting Program (commercial/industrial)
41. Niagara Mohawk, High Efficiency Motors and Drives (industrial)
34. Northeast Utilities, Energy Action Program (large commercial-retrofit)
6. Northeast Utilities, Energy Conscious Construction (commerical/industrial)
21. Northeast Utilities, Lighting Catalog Program (residential)
65. Northern States Power, High Efficiency Motors and Drives (industrial)
108. NUTEK, Swedish Refrigerator Procurement (appliance market transformation program)
16. Ontario Hydro, Espanola (community-wide retrofit)
5. Osage (Iowa) Municipal Utility, Comprehensive DSM Program (all sector-community based)
79. Oslo, Norway, Comprehensive Municipal Energy Efficiency
61. Otter Tail Power Company, House Therapy and Appliance Aid (residential-low income)
33. Pacific Gas & Electric, Commercial New Construction
4. Pacific Gas & Electric, Customized Electric Rebates (commercial/industrial)
75. Pacific Gas & Electric, Direct Assistance (low income retrofits)
81. Pacific Gas & Electric, Model Energy Communities Program (community-based DSM)
25. Pacific Gas & Electric, Retrofit Program (commercial/industrial/agricultural)
14. Pacific Gas & Electric, Showerhead Program (residential)
105. Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E Energy Center (downtown resource center)
46. PacifiCorp, Large Commercial Energy FinAnswer
109. Philadelphia Water Department, Conservation Assistance Program (low-income residential)
104. Portland Energy Office, Multi-family Energy Savings Program (residential)
55. Portland General Electric, Energy Resource Center (commercial/industrial)
68. Portland General Electric, Energy Smarts for Schools (institutional)
67. PSI Energy, Smart $aver Homes (residential)
62. Public Service Company of Colorado, DSM Bidding Programs (commercial/industrial)
96. Public Service Conservation Resources, PSE&G Standard Offer (commercial/industrial)
59. Public Service of Oklahoma, Ground Source Heat Pump Research Project (commercial)
74. Puget Power, Commercial/Industrial Energy Management (commercial/industrial)
57. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lighting Research Center (commercial/industrial)
78. Saarbr?cken, Germany, Comprehensive Municipal Energy Efficiency (residential)
13. Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Commercial Lighting Installation Program (commercial)
91. Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Comprehensive DSM (large municipal utility)
83. Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Residential Peak Corps (load management)
66. Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Solar Domestic Water Heating (residential)
111. Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Solar Photovoltaics (comprehensive solar)
53. San Diego Gas and Electric, Commercial Lighting Retrofit (commercial)
114. School District of Philadelphia, Save Energy Campaign (institutional)
103. Seattle City Light, Comprehensive Municipal DSM (large municipal utility)
27. Seattle City Light, Lighting Design Lab (commercial)
20. Seattle City Light, Low Income Electric Program (residential)
110. Sierra Pacific Power, Peak Performance Program (commercial)
113. Southern California Edison, CFB Manufacturer's Rebate (residential/commercial)
84. Southern California Edison, Customer Technology Application Center (commercial/industrial)
28. Southern California Edison, Energy Mgmt Hardware Rebates (commercial/industrial/agricultural)
2. Southern California Edison, Low Income Relamping (residential)
120. Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc., Geo-Lease (residential)
101. State of Texas, LoanSTAR Program (institutional revolving fund)
124. State University of New York at Buffalo, Comprehensive Energy & Resource Mgmnt (institutional)
106. Super Efficient Refrigerator Program (appliance market transformation program)
71. Tacoma Public Utilities, Fort Lewis Electric Efficiency Retrofit (military institution)
42. Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant, Smartlight and Lightwaves (residential/commercial)
117. The Philippines, Residential AirCon Standards and Labeling (residential)
52. TU Electric, Thermal Cool Storage (commercial)
50. United Illuminating, Energy Blueprint (commercial-new construction)
63. United Illuminating, Energy Opportunities (commercial)
15. United Illuminating, Homeworks (residential-low income)
56. United Power Association, Off-Peak Program (residential-load management)
89. Washington (VT) Electric Cooperative, Direct Install Program (residential)
86. Washington State Energy Office, Energy Ideas Clearinghouse (information center)
49. Washington State Energy Office, Energy Savings for Nonprofits (institutional)
45. Washington State Energy Office, MotorMaster (industrial)
126. Washington Water Power, Distribution Charge & Market Transformation Programs (all sectors)
99. Waverly (IA) Light and Power, Comprehensive DSM (small-sized municipal utility)
40. Western Area Power Administration, Pump Testing and Irrigation Efficiency (agricultural)
29. Western Area Power Administration, Solar DSM (residential/agricultural)
22. Western Massachusetts Electric, Neighborhood Program (residential-low income)
24. Wisconsin Electric, Appliance Turn-In Program (residential)
32. Wisconsin Electric, Smart Money for Business (commerical/industrial/agricultural)
44. Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, Wise Buys Irrigation Program (agricultural)

IIEC Profile

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to accelerate the promotion of sustainable energy and environmental programs in developing countries and countries in transition.  Our unique values are strived to provide sustainable solutions with proven technical capabilities, implement with wealth of practical and international experience in Asia and Pacific regions. Read more...

Our Niche & Strengths

Our Niche & Strengths

IIEC works on-the-ground, through multi-disciplined staff and partners, with governments and the private sector to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects.  Read more...

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Specific services provided by IIEC to its clients include: DSM/EE Implementation & Evaluation; Development & Implementation of EE Standards and Labeling Programs; Renewable Energy Project Planning & Implementation; Clean Energy Finance Design; and Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings  Read more...

Our Major Clients

Our Major Clients

IIEC’s major clients include the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) etc.  Read more...

Our Offices


IIEC operates through its offices in India, Thailand and Philippines.  Read more...

Our Team

Our Team

IIEC has full time local staff in each of its offices that are well placed to contribute to programs due to their extensive exposure to energy, transport and environmental activities in the region and their understanding of cultural issues relevant to the countries.  Read more...

Our Board

Board of Directors

IIEC’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, who are dedicated to providing strategic guidance to the organization as it advances its goal to promote sustainable and efficient energy use in developing nations and economies in transition.  Read more...


IIEC has published e-Notes Newsletters available on-line here. If you want to stay informed about our activities, please email us your contact information at e-notes @iiec.org.