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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

The IIEC and Renewable Energy Agency of Puducherry (REAP) jointly organized a workshop on “Standard Offer: A programmatic approach for utilizing energy efficiency as a resource” on 12th April 2013 in Puducherry, India, as part of the Standard Offer Programme (SOP) – funded by the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.

Dr. Nitin Pandit, President of IIEC, and B. Anil Kumar, Senior Consultant of IIEC-India, were invited to the Global Topten Workshop, held in Beijing, China, on April 17-18, 2013. The third Topten workshop was organized after the last two in Zurich (2011) and Washington DC. (2012) for Topten members to share what they have achieved in last year and exchange knowledge and experiences.

The "Stakeholder Workshop to Discuss State Clean Energy Fund (SCEFs) Roadmap", organized by IIEC, was held on March 15, 2013 at Hotel Le Meridien in Bangalore, as part of project funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK-FCO), to present and discuss the Draft Roadmap of the Karnataka Clean Energy Fund.

The ASEAN Climate Change Action Database (ACCAD) - - was recently launched as part of the Southeast Asia Knowledge Network of Climate Change Offices (SEAN-CC)'s knowledge sharing activities, funded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).