Support Policy Development

Work in partnership with other leading institutions to embed implementable energy efficiency considerations in law, policy, and procedures.

Implement Climate-friendly Policies

•           Develop strategies and action plans to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency projects and market transformation programs.
•           Test and prove implementation strategies for scale-up through pilot programs, innovative finance, and cost-effective monitoring and verification systems.
•           Build stakeholder capacity for implementing energy efficient solutions and practices through outreach, training, and hand-holding.

Cultivate Public-Private Partnerships

Recommend institutional designs for public-private partnerships, with incentive structures and business models to highlight public interest in private activities.

Promote Energy Efficient Technology

Work with industry and R&D centers to perform market characterizations, develop test procedures and standards and labeling regimes to improve supply chains of energy efficient technology systems.

Encourage Innovation for Energy Efficiency

Work on-the-ground, through multi-disciplined staff and partners, with institutions to conceptualize and construct innovative approaches, which break traditional disciplinary barriers to climate friendly energy efficiency programs.