Service Area

Energy Efficiency; Clean Energy Finance

Project Title

Asia High-Efficiency Copper Project




Copper Development Centre of South East Asia

Project Funding Agency

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project Duration

Start Date


Scheduled Completion


Project Description and Summary of Services






This project assessed the potential for additional use of copper through the promotion of high efficiency equipment.

In 1995, IIEC identified high-efficiency equipment such as electric motors as an option. In 1997, IIEC researched and continued its work on high-efficiency motors and transformers, eventually introducing the Motor Master software to the region's utilities.

IIEC also prepared a report for the Asian Development Bank that provided recommendations to improve transformer efficiency through ADB’s lending policy. In addition, it assisted a Philippine utility in the design of a high-efficiency motor incentive program. As a result of this, the country’s National Power Corporation committed to offer a motor efficiency program as part of their DSM package.

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