Service Area

Demand-Side Management (DSM)

Project Title

DSM Phase 1B




Electricite du Laos

Project Funding Agency

The World Bank

Project Duration

Start Date

May 2009

Scheduled Completion

October 2010

Project Description and summary of services

The scope of DSM Phase 1B includes the revision of the DSM/EE Program Plan for the next 4 years (2008-2012), preparation of career development and capacity building plans for the DSM Cell staff and the Energy Coordinators (to be hired for implementing EE measures in the Public Sector); increasing representation in the DSM Steering Committee; implementation of EE measures in the initial 50 audited buildings; implementation of a AC maintenance program; conduct of detailed audits in selected hospitals; expansion of the energy database to include all public sector accounts; design of residential sector efficient lighting programs and conduct of appliance saturation surveys to facilitate an appliance energy standards and labelling program.

The key tasks and objectives are:

  • Revise the DSM/EE Phase 1 Program Plan developed in 2004 to reflect the achievements in Phase 1A and incorporating a plan for a four year timeframe (2008 – 2012);
  • Prepare a professional development plan for each member of the DSM Cell; and further strengthen the capacity of the staff through focused training.
  • Provide focused training and prepare career development plans for the Energy Coordinators and provide assistance in the implementation of EE measures in the initial 50 audited government buildings;
  • Expand the composition of the DSM Steering Committee to include other Ministries through the dissemination of information and case studies on the benefits of EE;
  • Through the implementation of an Air Conditioner Maintenance Program facilitate the adoption of ESCO operations to support other EE implementation;
  • Conduct on investment grade energy audits in selected Hospitals and medical centers; and determine implementation options including performance contracting;
  • Expansion of the Energy Consumption Database to include all public sector accounts and provide training to EdL and Provincial staff in data entry and analysis;
  • Establish program design concepts for low cost DSM/EE initiatives in the residential sectors including efficient lighting with possible inclusion of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as an option for increased financial viability;
  • Develop a conceptual work plan for the introduction of a Appliance Energy Standards and Labelling program focusing on residential appliances.

Contact for more information

Sommai Phon-Amnuaisuk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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Meeting with DSM/EE team in Vientiane to discuss participation in an investment grade audit