Service Area

Demand-Side Management (DSM)

Project Title

Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Phase II (DSM/EE II)




Electricite du Laos

Project Funding Agency

The World Bank

Project Duration

Start Date

September 2013

Scheduled Completion

April 2015

Project Description and summary of services

The DSM/EE Phase 2 is designed to raise awareness about the adoption of EE technologies and practices by electricity consumers in all major end-use sectors in Lao PDR. This includes a nationwide residential EE lighting program; a large scale implementation of EE in public sector buildings; pilot DSM/EE activities in commercial and industrial sectors; EE Appliance Standards and Labelling Program; and capacity building.

The key tasks and objectives are:

  • Preparation of an Implementation Plan for Large Scale EE Implementation
  • Preparation of a comprehensive CFL distribution plan
  • Implementation of consumer awareness and behavioural program
  • Establishment of the National S&L Steering Committee
  • Assessment on S&L Institutional and Legal Framework
  • Assessment and Implementation of Pilot DSM Program Options for Commercial and Industrial Sector
  • Upgrading of the Energy Use Database

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