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Energy Efficiency

Project Title

Development of an Investment Plan for National Lighting Testing Laboratory for Vietnam




UNDP Vietnam, Vietnam Energy Efficiency Public Lighting Project

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Project Duration

Start Date

December 2008

Scheduled Completion

October 2009

Project Description and summary of services

The purpose of the Development of an Investment Plan on National Lighting Testing Laboratory Project is to develop a comprehensive investment plan on development of a national testing and certification facility capable of testing various quality parameters of lighting products and issuing certification in compliance with national and international standards.  The completed plan will be submitted to relevant national and local government agencies for consideration and future implementation.  The key tasks of the Project are to:

  • Finalize a detailed workplan for the whole contract duration for PMU’s approval;
  • Assess the capacities of three upgraded laboratories (QUATEST, HUT and IMS) and other testing laboratories in DIEN QUANG, RALACO and HAPULICO companies and compare them against meeting the requirements for the national lab in lighting certification and testing;
  • Survey local lighting manufacturers, and local lighting companies/lighting service providers and establish the demand of testing, certification and labelling of EE lighting products;
  • Identify the international best practices and make recommendation suitable to Vietnam for establishment and operation of the laboratory (organization, personnel, working places, general activities and self-maintenance activities, technical infrastructure, facilities, training, and all other certification and testing issues, etc.);
  • Coordinate with policy makers at Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and Ministry of Finance to establish the level of commitment for policy and financial support towards their establishment and operation of the proposed national laboratory;
  • Develop a comprehensive investment plan;
  • Prepare and conduct a national consultation workshop on the developed comprehensive investment plan;
  • Complete a final plan and submit to the relevant government ministries, agencies for the next steps of implementation, and;
  • Prepare a summary report on subcontract's implementation results.

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Project Kick-Off Meeting in Hanoi, February 2009