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Project Name

Phasing out incandescent lamps through a market transformation in Vietnam

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Project Location within country


Source of Financing


Length of Consultancy Assignment

Start Date

16th November 2016

Completion Date

March 2017

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:
The project aims to phase out incandescent lamps (ILs) production and sale through the transformation of the lighting products market as well as the promotion of high-quality energy saving lamps (ESLs) in Vietnam

Detailed Description of Actual Service Provided by your Firm:
• Study various reports, documents, and information generated in the project output.
• Develop a questionnaire/format for observing and assessing the changed/results achieved throughout the project.
• Prepare a case study for collating the benefits to form the demonstration projects.
• Interact with various stakeholders and beneficiaries involved in the project under different components and extract the good practices and lessons learned.
• Visit different demonstration sites, interact with different beneficiaries, and identify all possible different benefits (social, economic, environmental, health, education, etc.) accrued under this project, including information on how men and women assessed and perceived the changes.
• Identify the scope for development/up-scaling of various activities.
• Analyze the interventions and benefits in the context of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and mainstreaming gender dimensions during the assessment and implementation of interventions.
• Assess the impact of the project on GHG emission reductions and climate change initiatives in Vietnam.
• Mainstream gender throughout the impact assessment
• Prepare the best practice guide which can be used or replicated in the other similar programs