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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

The Asia Clean Energy Forum will provide a unique opportunity for project developers, the financial community and government representatives, to share information, exchange best practices in clean energy financing, and to devise strategies to scale up clean energy investments.  The Forum will serve as the gateway to establish an ongoing dialogue on clean energy promotion in Asia by building on current initiatives and facilitating partnerships to strategically address persistent barriers to the scale-up of finance and implementation. The ADB anticipates approximately 150-200 participants, including senior managers and officials from leading national and multinational banks in the region, multilateral development banks, carbon and clean energy investment funds, project proponents and developers, research institutes, and key national and regional government agencies.

Asia Clean Energy Forum:
Regional Policy and Finance Solutions
June 26-28, 2007
Asia Development Bank Headquarters
Manila, Philippines

Forum Sponsors

The three-day event will be jointly sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the U.S. Government (US Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Department of Energy), and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Forum Objectives

  • Provide concrete inputs on effective policy and finance strategies for ADB’s Sustainable Development Summit (planned forManila, November 2007);
  • Explore opportunities for cooperation among ADB, APEC, the Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate (APP), and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to promote the financing of clean energy options;
  • Share information and best practices on enabling policies, market incentives and proven financing models that foster increased investment in energy efficiency, cleaner fossil energy and renewable energy projects;
  • Catalyze public-private partnerships between energy producers, equipment suppliers, end-users and government agencies that will lead to increased deployment of clean energy technologies and systems;
  • Identify priority challenges of project developers related to project finance and initiate steps to provide follow-on assistance;
  • Establish an active international community of practice comprising entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers and advocates who communicate directly with each other and build partnerships aimed at accelerating clean energy investments and;
  • Produce a “Plan of Action”, with recommendations for follow-up by Partners to support clean energy development in the Asia Region.

Target audience

  • Clean energy project developers and service providers
  • Clean energy fund managers from:
  • Government energy programs and investments;
  • Commercial and institutional banks;
  • Private equity/hedge funds;
  • Multilateral development banks and international financial institutions;
  • Multilateral and bilateral donors;
  • Utilities and energy service providers;
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs);

Forum Organization

Pre-Conference Seminars (June 25):  The ADB’s state-of-the-art conference facilities will be available for seminars prior to the conference.  Up to 4 seminars can be held simultaneously, and each  seminar room can hold from 25 to 150 people.

Clean Energy Investment Fair (June 26-27):  The Forum will include a Clean Energy Investment Fair to enable clean energy equipment, services, or financial products providers the opportunity to display and present their ideas at booths.  The Investment Fair will be held simultaneously with the Forum’s evening receptions.

Post-Conference Workshops:  USAID’s ECO-Asia Clean Development & Climate Program will organize two, parallel half-day seminars after the Forum ends, on the afternoon of 28 June.  The workshops will include presentations by invited expert resource people, and will be aimed at developing regional strategies for scaling up clean energy technologies in Asia. One workshop will cover clean coal, and one will cover compact fluorescent lamps


Major topics and themes include:

  • Overview of regional clean energy opportunities and initiatives in Asia
  • Barriers, solutions, and best practices in:
    • clean energy policy
    • clean energy finance
    • public sector finance
  • Special session on clean energy policy and finance in ASEAN
  • Knowledge management and tools to support clean energy scale-up
  • Options and opportunities for partnerships, networking, and collaboration

Key Organizer Contacts  

Asian Development Bank


USAID ECO-Asia Clean Development and Climate Program


Alliance to Save Energy


Samuel Tumiwa

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Peter du Pont

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