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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

Mr. Paul Kirai, General Manager of the GEF-KAM (Kenya Association of Manufacturers) program, visited Brazil for four days and during this period IIEC-Brazil arranged his schedule and joined him in several meetings. Mr. Kirai's objectives were to receive information and understand the ongoing activities related to energy efficiency in industrial sector. Mr. Kirai met with the following organizations:


PROCEL Brazil's national energy efficiency program, which has developed projects in industry and currently develops an extensive capacity building program in partnership with industry state federations. Presently, PROCEL has agreements with 13 federations, and the objective is to carry out more than 200 audits in industrial facilities.


GERBI (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction in Brazilian Industry). This program aims to support Brazilian agents (industries, consultants and financers) in the creation of market-based transactions that use energy efficiency to reduce GHG emissions.


LIGHT (local utility). In Brazil, utilities invest 0.5% of annual revenues in energy efficiency actions, and Mr. Kirai had the opportunity of understanding better the mechanisms of this program, responsible for injecting more than US$ 100 million per year into the market.


SEBRAE SEBRAE is an organization with the mission of supporting small and medium-size companies in Brazil. It has operated for 10 years and has programs related to energy efficiency, productivity, and environmental improvements.


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