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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

In Lao PDR, IIEC was awarded a contract by the World Bank for DSM/EE Phase 1B project, to be completed in July 2010.  This project is a continuation of the Phase 1A project which was also implemented by IIEC.


The current phase includes the revision of the DSM/EE Program Plan for the next 4 years (2008-2012), preparation of career development and capacity building plans for the DSM Cell staff and the Energy Coordinators (to be hired for implementing EE measures in the Public Sector); increasing representation in the DSM Steering Committee; implementation of EE measures in the initial 50 audited buildings; implementation of a AC maintenance program; conduct of detailed audits in selected hospitals; expansion of the energy database to include all public sector accounts; design of residential sector efficient lighting programs and conduct of appliance saturation surveys to facilitate an appliance energy standards and labeling program.



For further information, contact Sommai Phon-Amnuaisuk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..