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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK-FCO) has commissioned the IIEC to design a road map for State Clean Energy Funds for end-use energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


The objective is to assess options available to the states in India to create clean energy funds using public benefits charge. The IIEC is currently in the process of identifying interested states that can benefit from design of State Clean Energy Fund and the associated implementation model. 
IIEC’s tasks include:

  • Development of a detailed “State Clean Energy Fund” design document that can be used as a discussion paper for any public commenting process.
  • Development of a structure that can potentially be issued by the Regulatory Commissions and/or define a process to include collection of such a fund in the tariff-setting mechanism.
  • Development of a Roadmap for establishment and implementation of a State Clean Energy Fund including narration on regulatory decision-making requirements.
  • Development of a Manual on Establishing State Clean Energy Funds by state governments in India that includes Best Practices examples of PBCs from USA, Europe and Asia.


IIEC convened the first Stakeholder Roundtable on August 2011 in Mumbai to discuss the findings. The Stakeholder Roundtable was attended by Chairpersons of three Electricity Regulatory Commissions, representatives of banking/financial institutions, legal experts, UK-FCO programme management team, and IIEC project implementation team.


Following discussions, Dr. Nitin Pandit, President of IIEC, summarized and highlighted a number of key points made regarding the Clean Energy fund design, management structure, revenue source, partnerships, operation and application. These will be incorporated in a final report to the UK-FCO.


For further information, please contact Nitin Pandit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.