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IIEC carried out a Solar Water Heater Market Assessment of five South Asian and South East Asian countries - Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. The assessment was part of the Global Knowledge Management and Networking activities under “Solar Water Heating (SWH) Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative” from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). IIEC is one of the regional partners for this initiative.


Under this assessment, IIEC also carried out an Evaluation of Regional Success Stories, Evaluation of SWH Product Standards in the region and prepared a detailed future plan for promotion of SWH in each country. This comprehensive research and analysis included discussions and interviews with industry experts and SWH manufacturers in each country and an assessment of national and regional product standards.


The consolidated report was submitted to UNEP in January 2012 and IIEC believes the report will help in consolidating and strengthening the Solar Water Heater Market in these five countries.


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