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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

Dr. Nitin Pandit, President of IIEC, and B. Anil Kumar, Senior Consultant of IIEC-India, were invited to the Global Topten Workshop, held in Beijing, China, on April 17-18, 2013. The third Topten workshop was organized after the last two in Zurich (2011) and Washington DC. (2012) for Topten members to share what they have achieved in last year and exchange knowledge and experiences.


The Global meeting was attended by the entire Topten Family members from Europe, France, Switzerland, Latin America, and USA besides the hosts Top10 China.


Besides sharing the results of the Feasibilty Study on Topten India and other energy efficiency project experiences of IIEC, Dr. Nitin Pandit made a presentation on the Role of Foundations for Financing Sustainable Energy Programs. While, Anil Kumar spoke during a Special Session on the BAT (Best Available Technology) strategy for developing countries.


The IIEC team had the opportunity to interact with Senior Government Officials and other stakeholders in the energy efficiency community in China at a grand reception hosted by the Ambassador of Switzerland to China.


Group Photo taken with Topten Members from Europe, United States, Latin America, India and China (Credit: Photo by Top10 China)


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About TopTen:
TopTen ( is an information system and database for promotion of energy efficient consumer goods (appliances, electronics, building components, motor vehicles). It stimulates consumer demand and influences government policy, healthy competition amongst manufacturers, would trigger new energy efficient product development and retailers sales program. Its goal is to speed up and focus the market transformation for energy efficient consumer goods. TopTen exists as a web based information platform in several countries in Europe, China and the USA.