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Leading the Transition to Clean Energy

IIEC recently completed the Philippines Energy Efficiency Project (PEEP) for the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) - 46.5 million USD project, co-financed by the Government of the Philippines and a loan from the ADB. By the second year of the PEEP’s three-year project period, IIEC and the DOE had already surpassed initial goals, reducing power loads by 242 MW and achieving annual energy savings of 315 GWh. These savings stood over and against the projected 238 MW in power capacity reduction and 313 GWh in annual energy savings.

The PEEP targeted energy efficiency through national lighting, building retrofits and other DSM methods across sectors. The project generated a network of activities and knowledge-sharing platforms that produced both immediate and ongoing energy savings across the nation. IIEC engaged government and business leaders as well as stakeholders in the residential sectors in order to understand and address key sources of energy inefficiency.Among the PEEP’s landmark activities were the nation-wide distribution of 8.6 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), retrofitting projects in 150 government buildings, and changes to municipal services such as park lighting and chemical waste management facilities. The project’s completion marked a national milestone towards higher efficiency, lower emissions, and strengthened capacity across all major energy producing and consuming sectors.By the project’s completion in December 2013, results had long since surpassed initial projections. The PEEP achieved a total CO2 reduction of 173,745 tonnes, power capacity reduction of 242 MW, and 322 GWh of annual energy savings. Satisfaction with these results prompted a formal letter of satisfaction from the DOE, commending IIEC for its “professionalism and dedication” to the program’s goals.

  Letter of Satisfaction from DOE

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