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Energy Efficiency Global Forum

The IIEC is the Technical Assistance Consultant for the Promoting Energy Efficiency in The Pacific: Phase 2 (PEEP2) funded by the Asian Developed Bank (ADB).

IIEC successfully concluded a series of promotional activities on renewable energy as part of the Renewable Energy Promotion and Awareness Program (REPA) from the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) in Cambodia. The program is funded by a World Bank / Global Environment Facility grant and the Rural Electrification Fund.

IIEC Philippines had been subcontracted to design and implement an Energy Efficient Lighting (EEL) Micro Financing Scheme/ Business Financing Model. Its goal is to promote EEL through consumer cooperatives, a sector noted to be effective distribution channel of consumer products in the Philippines.                  

IIEC has been involved in the South African development process for over a decade. Partnership with ESKOM – a vertical utility involved in the generation and distribution system was recently revived through an effort towards setting up a Standard Offer process related to energy conservation technologies in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. IIEC collaborated with ESKOM through a contract with Delloitte & Touche, South Africa team to develop rationale towards implementing certain technologies that offer substantial energy savings benefits and are monitored through standard monitoring and verification protocols making the market-take-up much simpler. The strategy document in this regard is pending regulatory approvals with the market-face document concluded during the April – May 2008.

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