Swiss Development & Cooperation (SDC) Funded – Support India in Design of Clean Air Program (CAP) (2017-2019)

The program was designed to help SDC develop a long-term intervention strategy on corrective and preventive actions for improving the air quality and combating impacts of climate change in affected regions in India. The interventions were designed in a way to leverage international experience from the USA, Switzerland, China, Germany, and Australia for tackling the challenges posed by air pollution in the specified regions in India.

 The project was designed to address the five specific objectives namely:

  • Review of trends in the source apportioned air pollution levels.
  • Map policies and sector-specific programs and schemes on air pollution in India.
  • Identify current gaps and stressed regions
  • Identify specific areas of interventions for air pollution abatement and propose a project plan.
  • Suggest capacity-building areas for both public and private sector stakeholders.

The following recommendations made by IIEC has been included in the national level project designed by SDC:

  • Expand air quality monitoring network – provide an increased number of continuous monitoring stations in each city.
  • Set air information systems & centers for air quality forecasting
  • Mandatory Certifications of monitoring institutions/instruments
  • Strengthen the implementation mechanisms (such as strengthening of institutional structures, enforcement of standards, setting up technology assessment cells, providing technology support, etc.)
  • Increase focus on awareness and capacity building drives
  • Conduct focused Source Apportionment Studies and develop emissions inventories for each of the cities and develop city-level Clean Air Action Plans
  • Review air quality standards and conduct health impact studies

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