IIEC’s Experience in Communication & Outreach

At a Glance:

In order to bring good energy policy into practice and raise its profile in international dialogue, IIEC develops strategic communication and outreach plans to raise public awareness of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) as well as to stimulate stakeholder participation, education and engagement in sustainable energy. IIEC provides assistance in planning and designing promotional materials and programs, including event management in Asian countries such as Cambodia, China, India, Lao PDR, the Philippines, and Thailand. IIEC manages and maintains information-sharing plat- forms to provide a dynamic and robust mechanism for disseminating research efforts and knowledge to the broader community.

Our Experience:

To promote awareness, IIEC facilitates replication and mainstreaming of successful projects by compiling lessons learned and disseminating program knowledge and best practice methods to leaders and consumers alike. IIEC crystallizes data and program experience by developing and maintaining comprehensive implementation manuals, websites, databases, social media, advertising (print, online, radio, or television commercial), marketing collaterals (brochures and case studies), events (workshop proceedings), and trade shows; this allows us to bridge the gap between global knowledge and local action. We integrate web-based applications and databases for supporting online promotional and educational activities, which have become an essential tool in the communication and marketing environment.

The Challenge:

A lack of comprehensive knowledge management resources – such as project databases, networks and implementation guides – creates significant barriers to scaling and replicating successful clean energy programs. At the same time, lack of consumer knowledge impedes adoption of energy efficient practices and technologies. In spite of the large volume of global pilot projects, many policy makers lack the technical capacity to design, implement and extend successful Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) programs. The lack of consolidated project information makes it difficult for leaders to learn from and improve upon past projects. Failure to consolidate and distribute lessons learned across regions and sectors represents a significant constraint to international progress in clean energy and climate change mitigation efforts. Creating mechanisms to communicate and reach out to key stakeholders, intermediary organizations, and the public is therefore a key challenge.

IIEC’s experience in this key activity, categorized by country is listed below:

Project Title
Dealmaker - Mexico
Project Title
Asian Climate Change Action Database (ACCAD) (2012 - 2015)
Energy Efficient Lighting and Pumping: Implementation and Financing Solutions (2014)
Virtual Trade Show (VTS) - Worldwide (2001)
Project Title
Clean Commute Information Centre – Transport Reduction Program (1997 - 1998)