Reducing Air Pollution in India’s Industrial Clusters through Smart Energy Management, Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), (2019 – 2021)

UN Environment and IIEC have launched a project to build air quality monitoring and tracking capacity among government, industrial, and utility partners, and to demonstrate and deliver cost-effective air pollution reduction strategies in two industrial Indian states—Gujarat and Odisha—through smart management of industrial and utility energy use.

The project aims to transform efforts to mitigate air pollution from India’s industrial and power sectors by 1) improving understanding among government, industrial, and utility partners of the linkages between air quality and utility/industrial energy management; 2) demonstrating the potential for reducing air pollution levels to achieve multiple health-related and economic benefits through smart management of electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial end uses; and 3) developing and testing an approach for attracting bundled private finance for clean energy solutions. These activities are being carried out in industrialized areas of Gujarat and Odisha States and in the city of Agra, where air pollution is a critical concern.

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