Commercialization of Super Insulated Buildings - Mongolia (2005)

The project promoted energy efficient houses with special focus on the use of straw bale as insulation. With funding from UNDP, the project provided technical assistance and capacity building to construction workers, home builders, homeowners as well as straw bale suppliers. It also provided information dissemination on this type of housing technology which has been proven to reduce pollution, promote energy efficiency and use renewable resources.

IIEC provided financial advisory which included: 1) Review of the financing systems and existing legislations for energy efficiency and the housing sector; 2) Evaluation of the financial mechanisms developed by the project; 3) Development of proposals for alternative funding mechanism; 4) Development of a clear set of guidelines for strawbale housing fund raising; and 5) Development of recommendation to the Government and the financial sector of Mongolia to increase the financing for the construction of strawbale housing.

Funding Agency/Client: United Nations Development Programme - Mongolia / Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Government of Mongolia

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