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Enhancing the Energy Efficiency Impact of the National Clean Energy Fund (2015)

This project aimed to provide relevant stakeholders in India with the evidence base required to secure the approval of financial support from the National Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) for specific initiatives to drive significantly enhanced innovation in and deployment of energy efficiency (EE) in India, drawing from UK experiences and expertise. The project detailed the activities that could be supported, their potential impact and the resources, including those related to institutional capacity, needed to deliver them.

Strategic Framework for Implementation of EE Projects for Indian Water Utilities (2004 - 2005)

Project Descriptions: 1) Develop a strategic framework including financing mechanisms for the design and implementation of energy efficiency projects for municipal water utilities through private sector participation; 2) Define the energy services performance contracting (ESPC) approach and identify and evaluate various options for application of ESPC to public sector projects; 3) Apply this framework to the case of the Delhi Jal Board, to test its relevance and practicality; 4) Enable effective dissemination of the framework to other Indian water utilities through a workshop organized by the World Bank; and 5) The framework developed in this project was structured to be replicable for other water utilities in India and the region.

Development of Financial Products and Related Institutional Mechanisms - India (2003 - 2005)

Project Descriptions: 1) Identify existing barriers to the establishment of an energy efficiency (EE) market, and the appropriate policy interventions to address these barriers; 2) Conduct a market assessment to define the key market segments that will be targeted for EE projects funded by the follow-on ADB loan; 3) Develop a set of financial products that can be provided to energy users, ESCOs, and financial institutions to help finance and implement EE projects; 4) Identify the existing and potential ESCOs that will provide EE project services to energy consumers using the financial products; 5) Identify the appropriate Executing Agency and financial intermediaries that will serve as the channels to deliver these financial products to the targeted markets; and 6) Develop an initial set of bankable EE projects for funding under the ADB loan.