Clean Commute Information Centre – Transport Reduction Program (1997 - 1998)

IIEC and the Department of Minerals and Energy jointly launched a transport reduction program known as the Clean Commute (the SeSotho name is “Leeto le Phepa”). The Clean Commute initiative featured innovative mechanisms such as car-pooling and van-pooling schemes as well as flexible work hours and telecommuting options to reduce the impact of single-occupancy vehicles on South Africa’s increasingly grid-locked roads.

The Clean Commute was initially being pilot tested in Kyalami Business Park in Midrand. IIEC worked closely with Midrand Transport Association and the mini-bus taxi industry. Under this project, IIEC also co-hosted a one-week Sustainable Transport Study Tour to the Netherlands for South Africa’s Parliamentary Transport Study Group and other key transport officials. The study tour resulted in a ten-point set of recommendations for sustainable transport activities in South Africa. Furthermore, IIEC and its partner MidTran developed a business plan for a Commuter Information Centre in Midrand.

The Centre would offer information on park-and-ride opportunities, existing public transportation routes, schedules, and fees, and in general promote public transport and non-motorized transportation for residents, workers, shoppers, business travelers, and tourists. The project was jointly funded by the US EPA, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa, and the Department of Minerals and Energy. Funding Agency: CSIR and US EPA.

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