Promotion and Deployment of Energy Efficient Air Conditioners in ASEAN (ASEAN SHINE) (2016 - 2017)

The project aims to evaluate the impact of the ASEAN SHINE program and provide the recommendation for promotion of higher efficient air conditioners in ASEAN.

Following activitives were completed by IIEC during the project:

1. Evaluated the impact of the ASEAN SHINE program form the following perspective:

     • Qualitative assessment of the impact of the program with the adoption of the regional policy roadmap and national policy roadmaps:
         o Interviews with ministries of energy
         o Desk research on the potential impact on market transformation in favor of higher efficiency ACs, based on the content of the national policy roadmaps (electricity savings, GHG emission reductions)

      • Quantitative assessment of market shares of ACs in ASEAN countries, by category (based on labels: 1-star, 2-star, etc.)

2. Provided recommendations regarding to future work to be conducted in ASEAN to support market transformation in favor of higher efficient air conditioners.

Funding Agency/Client: International Copper Association Southeast Asia Limited

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