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Service Area

Energy Efficiency; Training & Capacity Building

Project Title

Appliance Energy Testing and Labeling - Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka


Ceylon Electricity Board

Project Funding Agency

Asian Development Bank

Project Duration

Start Date

Sep 2001

Scheduled Completion

Feb 2002

Project Description and Summary of Services






IIEC collaborated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to undertake a feasibility study for appliance testing and labeling in Sri Lanka. The present value costs of test facility, labeling and standards for 4 appliances (refrigerators, televisions, lighting, and fans) would amount to US $ 3.9 million (Rs 0.273 billion). The consumer benefits (present value) in the form of electricity savings are estimated to be US $ 94 million (Rs 6.6 billion) while the avoided capacity costs (present value) are projected to reach US $ 58.6 million (Rs 4.1 billion).

Service Provided:

  • Cost-benefit analysis of appliance testing and labelling
  • Market study on refrigerators, televisions, lighting and fans
  • Preparation of operational plan for the testing laboratory
  • Training on testing procedures

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