Green Power Development and Energy Efficiency Improvement Program (2016 - 2017)

The project aimed to expand the use of renewable energy for power generation. The first tranche of the program financed a 30-megawatt, run-of-the-river hydropower plant at Moragolla in Central Province and expand and upgrade transmission lines and other infrastructure in needy areas, including the former conflict-affected areas in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Following activities were undertaken by IIEC during the project: 1) Designed, implemented and finalized the smart buildings pilot subproject under Tranche 1 with the participation of the executing agency (EA) and implementing agency (IA). 2) Developed monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for measuring the performance of smart buildings pilot subproject 3) Prepared the monitoring reports of the smart building, disseminate lessons learned and strengthen the pilot subproject results 4) Identified the specific replication opportunities for smart buildings in Sri Lanka for funding under Tranche 2 in consultation with the relevant agencies 5) Guided the EA/IA in planning the procurement process by finalizing the specifications, design and cost estimates of the systems to be procured under replication subproject(s) under Tranche 2. 6) Provided support to the CEB’s team in M&E of smart grid initiatives under the ADB’s project; and 7) Reviewed the relevant regulations and policies and recommend on the changes to be made for facilitating the implementation of identified smart buildings subprojects.

Funding Agency/Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB) / e.Gen Consultants Ltd.

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