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Demand-Side Management

Project Title

Demand-side Management Implementation Strategy and Load Research Program – Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka


Ceylon Electricity Board

Project Funding Agency

World Bank

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This 3-year project, funded by the World Bank, involved assisting the Demand-side Management (DSM) Branch of the Ceylon Electricity Board in conducting Load research. Market research, DSM program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; and undertaking demonstration projects on renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. The key objectives of the project were:
-  To develop and enhance the strengths and capabilities of CEB to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate DSM initiatives.
- To assist DSMB in implementing the DSM Action Plan
- To conduct Load Research and develop Market Research in all customer segments
- To strengthen the existing DSM pilot programs
- To build capacity to identify, prioritize, design and implement new DSM programs
- To develop the capability to monitor and evaluate DSM programs.
- To establish a comprehensive database and analytical framework of customer end-use patterns and trends to support future DSM program design, implementation and evaluation.

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