Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency in Thai Municipalities (2009 - 2012)

The overall objective of the project was to establish a sustainable business model(s) for the large-scale implementation of Energy Efficiency (EE) measures in buildings occupied by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and of the Municipalities of PEA’s service area and for public street lighting. The objective was accomplished by the demonstration of EE benefits through pilot projects implemented with support from a customized financing arrangement; finalizing a plan for large scale nation-wide replication complimented by capacity enhancement of PEA and the municipalities in Thailand for EE project development and implementation. The implementation has to be supplemented with a communication and outreach program covering all sectors of the community

Following activities were conducted by IIEC during the project: 1) Developed and tested EE Financing Model applicable to Municipalities; 2) Conducted Investment Grade Energy audits in administration buildings, schools, sporting facilities and street-lighting; 3) Equipment procurement, pre and post installation monitoring of pilot projects; 4) Program design to applicable CDM Methodology; 5) Capacity Building of PEA staff in program design and implementation.

Funding Agency/Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB) / Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)

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