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Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Phase II (DSM/EE II) - Lao PDR (2003 - 2005)

The DSM/EE Phase 2 is designed to raise awareness on the adoption of energy efficient (EE) technologies and practices by electricity consumers in all major end-use sectors in Laos PDR. This includes a nationwide residential EE lighting program, large scale implementation of EE in public sector buildings, pilot demand-side management (DSM)/ EE activities in commercial and industrial sectors, EE Appliance Standards and Labelling Program, and capacity building.

DSM Phase 1 Action Plan and Implementation - Lao PDR (2006 - 2008)

The first phase of this World Bank-supported project focuses on the preparation of a five-year Demand-side Management Action Plan and conduct of capacity building activities relevant to the plan. In support of this, IIEC conducted assessment of EdL power supply, distribution, and transmission and identified DSM options, including relevant institutional arrangements for its implementation.

DSM Phase 1B - Lao PDR (2009 - 2010)

The scope of DSM Phase 1B includes the revision of the DSM/EE Program Plan for the next four years (2008-2012), preparation of career development and capacity building plans for the DSM Cell staff and the Energy Coordinators (to be hired for implementing EE measures in the Public Sector); increasing representation in the DSM Steering Committee; implementation of EE measures in the initial 50 audited buildings; implementation of a AC maintenance program; conduct of detailed audits in selected hospitals; expansion of the energy database to include all public sector accounts; design of residential sector efficient lighting programs and conduct of appliance saturation surveys to facilitate an appliance energy standards and labelling program.