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Development of a LED Street Lighting Retrofit Project for Surabaya, Indonesia: Inclusive Green Growth for EAP Cities (2015)

This project is part of ESMAP’s City Energy Efficiency Transformation Initiative (CEETI) to develop a retrofit plan for energy-efficient street lighting in Surabaya using LED. The plan highlights energy efficiency as a shared savings scheme in partnership with the private sector.

Indonesia Appliance Labeling Project

IIEC completed a labeling program design and testing laboratory specification for Resource Management International Inc. (RMI). IIEC's work for RMI was part of a larger Asian Development Bank-funded technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia. The labeling program focused on refrigerators and air-conditioners. The estimated potential peak energy savings from this project was approximately 80 megawatts from higher efficiency air-conditioners, and approximately 9 million kilowatt-hours annually from refrigerators. The project, if implemented, could reduce potential future carbon emissions from power facilities by more than 100,000 tons over the next decade.