EVN – DSM Phase 2 Implementation - Viet Nam (2005 - 2008)

The overall objective of this project was to ensure the successful development and implementation of the Phase 2 DSM Program, by providing ongoing technical assistance, training, advisory services and capacity building to the EVN DSM Cell. The project included a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) component which aims to meet the requirements of EVN and the GEF for the monitoring and evaluation of the DSM Phase 2 Program itself. The conduct of the M&E component in EVN also aims to simultaneously build its capacity to either continue or outsource program M&E activities in the future.

IIEC’s activities included: 1) Development of an overall M&E Plan for the DSM Phase 2 Program, indicating key milestones for institutional development of EVN DSM Cell and other departments for the current and future phases; 2) Capacity building in EVN, PCs and other agencies to conduct DSM program evaluations; 3) Development of a program monitoring and tracking system for DSM Programs, including appropriate performance indicators; 4) Conduct of detailed program evaluations, both mid-term and final; and 5) Conduct of formal and on-the-job training of EVN staff in all aspects of program monitoring and evaluation.

Funding Agency/Client: World Bank / Electricity of Vietnam

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