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Leapfrogging Myanmar's Market to High Efficient Lighting and Appliances (2019 - On-going)

The main objective of the project is to facilitate market transformation towards high efficient lighting and electrical appliances through the integrated policy approach, thereby reducing growth in electrical demand and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while simultaneously increasing energy access in the country.

Energy Audit & Environmental Impact Reduction (2017)

The project aims to conduct energy audits and provide recommendations for Environmental Impact Reduction (EIR) projects. In doing so, IIEC has undertaken the tasks: validate UNICEF Myanmar’s Myanmar Environmental Footprint Assessment (EFA), identify the main areas of concern and prioritize actions to reduce UNICEF’s environmental footprint, provide recommendations for potential EIR projects to address inefficient energy usage and operating practice, and provide assistance in the preparation of cost-benefit analysis and concept note for potential environmental impact reduction projects.

Development of National EE&C Policy - Myanmar (2014)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing assistance to the Government of Myanmar (GoM) for capacity development for Institutional Strengthening of the National Energy Management Committee (NEMC) in Energy Policy and Planning. The focus is to increase the ability of NEMC to prepare policies and strategies in the energy sector and assist in the formulation of a long-term energy master plan.