Clean Energy Finance
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Clean Energy Finance

Project Title

Evaluation of International Finance Corporation's Commercializing Energy Efficiency (CEEF) Program - Europe


Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Project Funding Agency

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Project Duration

Start Date

Oct 2005

Scheduled Completion

Jun 2008

Project Description and Summary of Services






  • Estimation of the avoided GHG emissions to date resulting from the CEEF program
  • Assessment of the program’s broader impact on the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech and Slovak markets
  • Documentation of the program’s outcomes and outputs in relation to the performance indicators listed in the project’s Logical Framework
  • Documentation of the factors that have most contributed to the program’s success and weaknesses, including an assessment of the potential sustainability of the results

Services Provided:

  • Assessment of the credit guarantee program including number projects, energy savings, GHG impacts, GEF costs, etc.
  • Evaluation of role and performance ofmn participating financial institutions
  • Evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of program operations
  • Assessment of impact on country markets

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