Clean Energy Finance
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Service Area

Clean Energy Finance, Renewable Energy

Project Title

Design of Risk Sharing Mechanism for the "Palawan New and Renewable Energy and Livelihood Support Project" - Philippines




Center for Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency

Project Funding Agency

United Nations Development Programme

Project Duration

Start Date

Oct 2002

Scheduled Completion

Sep 2005

Project Description and Summary of Services






This project  demonstrated the viability of direct sales for renewable energy and other appropriate delivery mechanisms that would enable low-income households in non-electrified communities to have access to renewable energy systems. 

For this project IIEC:
- Designed the  risk-sharing finance mechanism for the direct sales of solar housing systems
- Provided financial advice during the pilot implementation of the designed risk-sharing mechanism for direct sales
- Designed the  appropriate renewable energy delivery mechanism and corresponding risk-sharing finance mechanism
- Designed and recommended the  implementation and management guidelines for an NRE Trust Fund
- Recommended the  risk-sharing and support mechanisms for the NRE Trust Fund
- Recommended the  training needed by  PGP and the institution that would manage the NRE Trust Fund

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