Technical Advisory – Thai Energy Efficiency Program for Small and Medium Enterprises (2017 - 2018)

The Thai Energy Efficiency Program for Small and Medium Enterprises, previously known as the “Thai Auto Parts Supply Chain Development through Energy Efficiency (TAPEE)” program, has been implemented to demonstrate the implementation of measures presented in the Industry Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Roadmap for Thailand. The main focus of the Program is on creating financial tools to address key barriers to greater energy efficiency (EE) investments in the SME sector in Thailand. IIEC is tasked to provide support on all technical aspects of the Program. The main duties and responsibilities include: 1) Design of an On-Billing Repayment / On-Billing Financing (OBR/OBF) mechanism for the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA); 2) Design of de-risking facility; and 3) Provide technical advisory and coordinate activities.

IIEC was tasked to 1) Conduct project Inception meeting with the GGGI and project stakeholders; 2) Develop the detailed structure, strategy, operational plan and manual for OBR/OBF mechanism; 3) Design and develop the structure and implementation strategy for de-risking facility; 4) Provision of technical advisory and project implementation services to GGGI, TAPEE, and PEA; and 5) Prepare final report providing overall description and results of the activities implemented during the project period.

Funding Agency/Client: Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

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