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Energy Efficiency; Market Transformation

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Asia Standards





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The Asia Standards Project investigated the potential for establishing energy-efficiency standards and energy labeling for electrical appliances and equipment in Asia. Its primary objectives were: (1) to inform international donor agencies about "best bet" technical assistance opportunities for building standards regimes in Latin America and Asia; (2) to provide technical assistance to in-country stakeholders who are building national standards regimes, and  (3) to provide fora to spur intraregional cooperation on standards and international coordination of effort.

Highlights of the project include: (1) the conduct of  training courses for laboratory personnel and energy policy specialists, and numerous seminar and conference presentations (2)  submission of  blueprints for standards regimes (3) holding of  international fora, including the Forum on Asia Regional Cooperation on Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling in July 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand, cosponsored by five Asian governments and attended by 50 delegates;  (4) preparation of numerous documents, including the proceedings of the July 1997 Forum and the recommendations on the testing procedure harmonization from the July 1997 AGREE roundtable attended by  more than 250 professionals, including international donor agencies,  (5) presentation of  papers at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's 1998 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Building and  the First International Conference on Efficiency in Household Appliances organized by the European Commission.

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