Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management
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Service Area

Market Transformation

Project Title

ASEAN Energy Standards and Labeling Program




ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-Sector Network

Project Funding Agency

US Agency for International Development
Australian Greenhouse Office

Project Duration

Start Date

Mar 2004

Scheduled Completion

Dec 2005

Project Description and Summary of Services






The objective of this project assignment is to assist the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Sub-sector Network (EE&C-SSN), the implementing body coordinated by the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE). This came after the ASEAN Sub-Sector Network on Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EE&C-SSN) has received a mandate from the ASEAN Energy Ministers to proceed with and implement a regional energy certification labelling programme for high-efficiency equipment. The focus is on magnetic ballasts labels, followed by refrigerators and air conditioners and this project aimed at supporting EE&C-SSN in the design and implementation of S&L programs for ballasts in ASEAN.

Service Provided:

  • Establishment of a regional and corresponding national working groups for the ASEAN ballast energy labeling and the ASEAN S&L Network
  • Conduct an appraisal of the ASEAN Ballast Market
  • Develop an ASEAN energy performance testing procedure for Ballast
  • Organization of a study tour for ASEAN and APEC representatives to Australia to learn about establishment and implementation of ballast MEPS in Australia
  • Coordination of round-robin testing for fluorescent lamp ballasts in 6 testing laboratories in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and China

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