Development of the Pacific Regional Efficient Lighting Strategy Document for PICTs as part of the Pacific Efficient Lighting Strategy (PELS) Project (2014 - 2015)

The objective of the assignment is to develop a Regional Efficient Lighting Strategy through an integrated policy approach. The main output of this will be a comprehensive, accurate and regionally coordinated Pacific Efficient Lighting Strategy document, the contents of which are to be based on the outline developed by en.lighten (Developing a National or Regional Efficient Lighting Strategy – A step-by-step guide for policy makers, January 2014).

IIEC undertook the consultancy work in close collaboration with SPC’s Energy Programme, UNEP, the PELS Project Steering Committee and other relevant stakeholders.

The specific tasks include: 1) Review documents such as the Regional Efficient Lighting Status Report and regional strategy documents available for other countries, consult relevant regional and national stakeholder to identify regional and national priority objectives and activities for grid and off-grid EE lighting; 2) Participate and present work plan for the development of a Regional Efficient Lighting Strategy and summary of priorities based on consultations and relevant document appraisals at the Inception Workshop; and 3) Develop the final Pacific Efficient Lighting Strategies.

Funding Agency/Client: Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

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