Aligning Conformity Assessment Efforts for Energy Efficiency Regulations for Motors in the APEC and ASEAN Region (2019 - 2021)

This project aimed to support the preparation and organization of the second, APEC-funded workshop for energy efficiency motors, preparation of a policy recommendations report, and arrangement of logistics for the workshop.

Key activities were performed by IIEC during the project: 1) Prepared draft roadmap for harmonization within APEC and ASEAN based on outcomes and lesson learned via the ASEAN SHINE; 2) Helped in developing and tailor workshop materials and agenda activities to meet the needs of invitees; 3) Coordinated invitation and other workshop information for participants; 4) Provided input into participant survey to capture participation evaluation of the training; 5) Developed materials and provided presentations to workshop participants based on the draft roadmap for harmonization; 6) Finalized the roadmap for harmonization based on the feedback received from participants of the workshop; 7) Provided a workshop summary report which includes written summary of the training results, outcomes and policy recommendations.

Funding Agency/Client: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

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