Preparation of Regional Report on Energy Efficiency Policies in Central Asia (2019 - On-going)

This project aimed to prepare a report on regional status and recommended strategies for energy efficiency, covering lighting, distribution transformers, electric motors, refrigerators, and air conditioners in Central Asia.

Key activities were performed by IIEC during the project: 1) Assessed the current situation and gap analysis on efficient lighting, electric motors, distribution transformers, refrigerators, and air conditioners in central Asia; 2) Developed national and regional energy efficiency strategies and targets; 3) Assessed and summarize the institutional framework, including government agencies, authorities, and electric utilities; 4.) Researched and summarize integrated policy approach status, including Minimum Energy Performance Standards, supporting policies and mechanisms, environmentally sound management, monitoring, verification and enforcement, and financial mechanisms; 5) Concluded plans for efficient lighting/appliances/equipment

Funding Agency/Client: ICA

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