Assessment of EE Street Lighting Technologies and Financing Models for Thai Municipalities (2017 - 2018)

The project aims to remove barriers to increase adoption of energy efficient street lighting technologies in Thai municipalities through targeted findings and recommendations for PEA, municipalities and other third-party stakeholders contributing to greater investments in energy efficient street lighting technologies in Thailand.

Detailed Description of Actual Service Provided by your Firm:

Activity 1: Preparation of questionnaire in consultation with PEA;  Conducting 25-30 interview with Thai Municipal officers in charge of project

Activity 2: Review national regulations and guidelines, energy performance standards, standards of road design, illumination requirements of different categories of roads, standard and labeling requirements of lamps, lighting fixtures, accessory and control gears, installation standards and operations and maintenance (O&M) guidelines for the street lighting including relevant laws at municipal level; Development of standardized design parameter

Activity 3: Identification of projects in consultation with PEA; Carrying out the techno-economic assessment of the selected project in 4 municipalities

Activity 4: Review and provide inputs to the financial model

Activity 5: Review and support in preparation of road map and recommendation report

Funding Agency/Client: Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN) / The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

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