Khon Kaen Green Campus Proposals – Thailand

IIEC-Asia helped Khon Kaen University develop and write a proposal on “Green Campus” to the National Energy Policy Office of Thailand (NEPO). Specifically, IIEC documented and justified the energy saving benefits of the project which included 3 subcomponents:

1. Bicycle proposal. The project was intended to increase the energy efficiency of transportation systems on the campus and to change the behavior of students and other members of the campus community regarding the use of motorcycles and other motor vehicles and to increase the use of bicycles.

2. Wastewater treatment proposal. The project would shift wastewater treatment from mechanical, aerobic, and chemical treatment to an environmentally-sound and energy-efficient wetlands-based wastewater treatment, would reduce the energy use of the current waste water treatment system and would research and model an alternatives system for possible broader use.

3. Source separation of solid waste and hazardous waste. The project would significantly reduce the solid waste stream and divert the remaining waste stream into more energy efficient recycling and biodegradation.

Funding Agency/Client: EPPO / Khon Kaen University

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