Standards and Labeling Program – Fiji Islands (2005 - 2007)

The project aimed to design and implement a mandatory energy labelling scheme and minimum energy performance standards for residential appliances in Fiji, starting with refrigerators and freezers and expanding to other appliances. The project also identified and prioritised the training needs of local institutions, agencies, authorities, and private sector organisations to implement the mandatory standards and labelling programme. Lessons learned from the programme in Fiji served as foundation to the implementation of a regional standards and labelling programme in the Pacific Island Countries.

Services Provided: 1) Finalise Action Plans and assist in implementing mandatory S&L for the first appliance in Fiji; 2) Seek endorsement on the action plan from the Government of Fiji; 3) Provide the Australian Greenhouse Office with a final report on the project; 4) Project Manage Data Collection for Economic Impact Assessment for other Appliances; 5) Project Manage Investigations of Local Regulatory Frameworks and Tools; and 6) Project Manage Identification and Prioritisation of Training Needs and Public Awareness.

Funding Agency/Client: Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO)

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