Delivering The Transition to Energy Efficient Lighting in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Outdoor Sectors in Pakistan (2019 – On-going)

The project aims to develop a National Efficient Lighting Strategy and design and operationalize a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) for energy-efficient lighting in Pakistan, whereby seeking to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient lighting products, reducing energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions.

IIEC is tasked to 1) Provision of supervision review and comment on the lighting market assessment; 2) Development of supporting policies and mechanisms (e.g., labeling & financing) for promoting LEDs 3) Development and finalization of the national efficient lighting policy and strategy contain clearly defined regulatory frameworks with the implementation timeline; 4) Provision of supervision to the national consultant in conducting a market review of financial institutions providing EE finance in Pakistan to identify partners to host RLF; 5) Development of strategy and administrative and operational procedures, and eligibility requirements for establishing “EE lighting Financial Scheme/Window”; 6) Development of criteria for reviewing loan applications for EE lighting projects and other relevant documents for operationalization of “EE Lighting Financial Scheme/Window”; 7) Provision of technical assistance for the on-lending entity(ies) in reviewing and approving loan applications; and 8) Provision of supervision to the national consultant in implementing awareness capacity development workshop for on-lending entities for the loan program.

Funding Agency/Client: UN Environment

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