Energy Efficient Lighting Project - Malawi (2010)

The supply and demand scenarios in the Malawi Electricity Sector show a trend of significant capacity shortage due to an increase in demand averaging 7% per year. Currently, the system average peak load is around 295 MW, while the available capacity is around 255 MW which equates to a power shortage of 14%. In addition, there are around 13,000 customers waiting to be connected and ESCOM estimates the total demand to be around 334 MW. Load shedding and power outages are used extensively to ration power.

The Program involves the distribution of 2 million CFLs nationwide covering all customers. The residential customers, small enterprises and public buildings were provided with direct replacement of their existing incandescent bulbs to CFLs free-of-charge. The commercial and industrial customers would have the option of purchasing CFLs at subsidised prices via retail outlets. The support provided by IIEC also included the capacity building for utility and energy staff, design of a Revolving Fund, design of a follow-up DSM Program, and development of an incandescent bulb phase out policy and MEPS for CFLs.

Funding Agency/Client: Department for International Development, U.K. / Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

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