Water-Energy-Biomass (WEB) Project (2002 - 2005)

This project developed a model for the co-management of energy and water. It promoted efficiency improvement in energy and water use by establishing the critical link of biomass-based sustainable agriculture and alternate electricity generation practices.

The Project’s objectives were to: 1) Establish the critical links between water, energy, natural resources and livelihoods for communities; 2) Assess the potential for off grid generation of power from biomass in terms of crop residual wastes; 3) Assess and develop an alternative income generation potential for village communities through promotion of cultivation and trading of biomass; and 4) Develop a framework, which defines the mechanism for co-management of energy, water and biomass resources.

The project also covered the associated issues of livelihood, sustainable management of water resources and designing a suitable institutional structure for the successful implementation of water-energy co-management projects. Baseline data, on natural resources, current land use, cropping pattern and water balance in the specified area were used to assess (1) the potential for water and energy conservation and (2) the potential for developing biomass based off-grid electricity generation.

Funding Agency/Client: US Agency for International Development

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