Productive use of Methane in Indian Dairies - India (2006 - 2009)

IIEC, in partnership with the leading co-operative and private sector dairies in India evaluated the opportunities resulting in to closed loop thermal and electrical systems around the electricity generation.

Project structuring activities include site surveys, designing the electricity generating systems, plant set-up assistance and monitoring and verification of the methane and resulting greenhouse gas savings.

The project goals of this project: 1) Evaluate methane capture opportunities in the dairy industry leading to close loop methane capture and utilization systems involving electricity generation and thermal systems; 2) Demonstrate technologies to improve methane yield and electricity generating engines; 3) Assist Indian dairy sector define the “Methane to Markets” program benchmarking performance of wastewater treatment and productive use of methane.

Services Provided: 1) Technical support to dairies in project design and developing carbon capture methodologies; and 2) Design of a nationwide dairy industry methane capture program.

Funding Agency/Client: USAID – Global Development Alliance and dairies in India

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