Energy Production from Biomass in a Philippine Rural Community - Philippines (2005 - 2007)

The objective of the project is to conduct a pre-feasibility study that determines the availability of biomass materials and assess their energy potential for use as fuel to a proposed biomass power plant in Panukulan, Polillio Island, Quezon Province. Currently, the energy supply in the island is limited and the biomass power plant is seen to fill in the gaps.

Premised on an overarching goal of poverty alleviation, the project includes an assessment of downstream livelihood applications of biomass energy in the agricultural and fishing sector. Examples of livelihood applications identified are rice mill, mini coconut oil mill, and ice making and cold storage facilities.

Services Provided: 1) Biomass resource assessment; 2) Demand and supply studies; 3) Biomass energy engineering studies; 4) Enterprise Development and Business Planning; and 5) Life-cycle cost analysis.

Funding Agency/Client: New Zealand Agency for International Development / CRL Energy Ltd

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