Market Development for Solar Thermal Applications in Thailand (Renewable Energy) (2006 - 2007)

To remove the informational barrier and other unidentified barriers that are hindering the development of solar thermal application in selected industrial and commercial sub-sectors in Thailand e.g. food, textile industry as well as in hospital and hotel and in central hot water systems of multi-storey buildings. In Thailand, solar thermal is typically perceived as the technology for residential applications and thus most energy policy makers, industry and end-users, particularly SMEs are not well aware of its potential. The project identifies all related technical and non-technical barriers through detailed situation analysis and develops a set of solutions, guidelines, measures, and recommendations.

Services Provided: 1) Industry and commercial sub-sector review; 2) Supply chain analysis 3) Policy review; 4) Market survey and site visits; and 5) Conduct of training workshop.

Funding Agency/Client: European Commission

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