Promotion of Energy Conservation in Small and Medium Enterprises (PECSME) - Viet Nam (2007)

The overall objective of the PECSME training program is the building of capacity and skills of the key stakeholders that will lead to the implementation of projects in the selected industrial sectors – brick, ceramics, paper & pulp, textile, and food processing. A comprehensive training program covering technical, financial, business, marketing, and project management knowledge is a key aspect of this program.

Activities included: design and deliver a comprehensive training program, which will transfer knowledge and develop skills amongst all trainees to increase their ability to successfully assist in the development of energy efficiency projects in the SME sector in Vietnam. IIEC was tasked to provide: 1) Training Needs Assessment; 2) Review of existing training modules and development of training modules; 3) Development of training strategy and plan for the PECSME; 4) Delivery of the training in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh; 5) Comment on the training materials prepared by the local training institute; and 6) Develop monitoring and evaluation guidelines for the PECSME training program. Funding Agency/Client: UNDP/Ministry of Industry.

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